Experience and modernity

Combining the best traditions and over 50 years of experience with modern technologies and construction solutions as well as the commitment and passion of our employees, we deliver high quality windows and doors made of wood, wood-clad, and aluminum to the global market. In addition offer wooden and aluminum facades, window sills and shutters. We are a constructor of modern, ventilated façades based on wooden boards, fiber-concrete boards and aluminum and steel cassettes.

We always try harder. We approach each order individually and we listen to our clients’ needs. Because of our commitment to the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards, our products have been used in thousands of homes and public facilities. This has lead us to become one of the leading manufacturers of wooden windows and doors in Europe. We serve the retail market as well as the largest and most prestigious investments worldwide with equal commitment.

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Establishment of Stolbud in Grybów, employing 81 people.
Dynamic development of the company, the number of employees is expanded to 404 people.
Privatization of the plant, Stolbud private company is founded, launch of the production of combined windows instead of box windows.
Launch of the production of single-frame windows and modernization of the plant.
Certificate Top Quality of Lesser Poland.
Appointment of the new Management Board of the Company, headed by Wojciech Pakosinski, currently the majority shareholder of the Company
Change of the company's name to Goran sp. o.o., intensive modernization of the plant and dynamic development of sales on the domestic market and abroad.
Implementation of innovative construction solutions to the market.
Creation of our internal Research Laboratory.

Tradition and modernity

For over 50 years, we have been manufacturing Premium windows that have found their place in thousands of homes around the world. Over 250 qualified and enthusiastic people work with us. Many years of history, millions of windows produced, certificates, tests and openness to innovation are reflected in the high class of our products.

Ecology and safety

We constantly observe, learn and develop the latest technological solutions in our modern laboratory. The wood we use comes from forests managed according to the rules of proper forest management, the applied paint coatings are fully ecological and the wooden windows can be recycled almost 100% after dismantling.

Naturally from wood

We have been working with wood for decades which has allowed us to become experts in the use of this material in our product line.  Our specialists, who perfectly know the properties and possibilities of wood, are constantly working in our own laboratory on innovation and window design. Thanks to this, we offer our clients modern and environmentally friendly wooden windows and doors that are distinguished by high aesthetics, functionality and technological advancements. We provide the end user with windows made of solid pine, pine combined with finger-joints, oak or meranti. On special request, we also produce windows from other types of wood. Our offer includes: tilt and turn windows, tilt and turn windows equipped with a lock for incorrect position of the handle, fixed, sliding, tilt & slide windows, and lift & slide windows. The windows can be produced in any shape, size and color.

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